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Yassir Peacenik
By Jeff Dunetz

One of the most successful programs on the Fox TV Network is something called Joe Millionaire.  It has an interesting premise, they take a regular guy, put him in a mansion with a butler, and riches. They tell a group of single women that he is a millionaire and they compete for his attention. At the end he picks one but he has to tell them that he is really broke.  The only problem with the show is that if it is a success it you can't do
it again. After all the buzz about the show no one could ever fall for it again.until now, last week Fox announced Joe Millionaire 2.

Apparently Fox kept all reports about the first show away from Europe, no broadcast no PR --nothing! So they will be doing Joe Millionaire 2 with an American guy and women from Europe.  Fox didn't announce why they picked Europe for the ruse but I suspect it was a direct result of a long running European show, a program that is also based on the premise that someone is not who they appear to be---it's called Yassir Peacenik.

At first glance you may think the premise of Yassir Peacenick is too wild, but this show has been popular in Europe, especially with its leadership, for almost 40 years.

Here is the idea behind the show: The father of modern terrorism, born in Egypt, makes people believe that he is Palestinian. Now here is the unbelievable part: despite the fact that he openly provides them with information to the contrary, Yassir the Egyptian convinces Europe that he is a peacenik. And the more horrific his terror, the more his pockets get lined with European aid and Europe's belief in his peace intentions

To succeed in this show he needs to walk a fine line. If he does make peace or if European leaders become convinced that he is only interested in terror, he loses all the money in the Swiss banks. As you can see this concept can be much more successful than Joe Millionaire because it can be repeated over and over---and it has.

The Program really hit its stride three years ago; a peace deal between Yassir Peacenik and Israel was imminent, every one thought that the show would be over, but just in the nick of time, he not only broke the peace but he convinced Europe that it was Israel's fault, because a member of the Israeli government, Ariel  Sharon (who is now the Prime Minister) had the nerve of visiting Judaism's holiest site. What a master manipulator Yassir Peacenik is!

There is even written evidence that shows that while professing peace, Europe's favorite
showman has personally ordered terror acts that have targeted Israel's children, women and aged. Israel has shown European leaders proof that

"Arafat was personally involved in the planning and execution of terror
attacks. He encouraged them ideologically, authorized them financially and
personally headed the Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades organization.  Arafat and
his men used the funds donated to them by other countries, including the
European Union, to finance terrorist activity. The Palestinian
Authority allocated vast sums of money from its budget to pay salaries to
Fatah terrorists ($45 million a month from Arab countries, $9 million a
month from the European Union"
Source :Israel Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.

A few months ago it looks like some hope would come out of the "Road Map" process.  At the same time, many of the key players were said that it was becoming too obvious that Yassir was a terrorist not a peacenik.  But even after seeing some movement towards peace, European nations such as France demanded that Arafat be allowed back in the show.

French Foreign Minister De Villepin said "we will keep our contacts with Arafat in his being a legitimate representative for the Palestinian authority." With support like that Arafat was able to oust the new Palestinian Prime Minister, and unleash his terrorist on network to once again target Israeli children. At the same time he has convinced much of Europe that Israel should not be able to defend itself or even build a fence to keep the terrorists from its children. This guy is great at what he does-- no wonder he has remained a European favorite for decades.
Unfortunately  it seems that the show may finally be cancelled, not because of lack of viewer interest or even because of peace, but there are rumorsthat Yassir Peacenik is very ill.  I think that Europe knew about Yassir's illness for a very long time .  You see, over the last few years they have been working on a replacement program, it's a revival of a classic European hit that is two thousand years old; its called,  "Blame the Jews for Everything". Word is that the show will be directed by famous actor/director Mel Gibson. Joe Millionaire could never be as successful !

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