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To Mama.....Who taught me how to sew.


Hi! My name is Martha (nee Henry) Fontaine, but everyone calls me Patsy. I was born in 1755 at Pine Slash, Hanover County, Virginia.  My parents were Patrick and Sarah (nee Shelton) Henry.  When I was five years old my family moved to Hanover Tavern; where my father worked in my grandfatherís business while he worked on his legal career.  When I was nine we moved to Louisa County and then when I was sixteen my family bought Scotchtown Plantation in Hanover County, which was our home for many years.  In that same year my youngest brother, Edward, was born, I was engaged to MyJohn, and my motherís mental health began to decline. It was a very emotional year for us all. We took the best care of my mother that we could and most of the household duties fell to me.  In 1773 I was wed to MyJohn, after what seemed like forever. Now we are happily married and have four wonderful children. I started this website as a way to reach out to as many people as I can and to tell my story and my family's story the best way I can. I also wanted a place of my own to write and express my feelings and thoughts. I hope this website is enjoyable and its links useful.

This is a map of the place I call home, Hanover County, Virginia.





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