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This site contains links to commentaries about Israel, Anti-Semitism and leading a Jewish Life in a secular world. Most of them have first appeared on other web sites. All of them have been written by me.  It is my sincere hope that they make you think and make you act. 

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What Kind Of Holiday Will Your Children Celebrate? .....its time to throw away the political      correctness and realize the Muslim world doesnít just want Israel out of the west bank ad Gaza ---they want us Dead !

Ruling the World: The Untold Story... maybe we should fess up and tell the world the truth, the Jews do run the world.

Yasser Peacenik....Fox got the idea for Joe Millionaire from a long running European show, a program that is also based on the premise that someone is not who they appear to be -- it's called Yasser Peacenik.

Saying Shehecayanu: The promise of Oslo on September 13,1993 was never fulfilled.  Will the hopes of September 13, 2003 be realized?

My High Holiday Prayers: We should be asking G-d to soften the hearts of the people whose hands are stained with the blood of terrorism... organizations such as the UN and the E.U., groups such as the NY Times and the BBC.

Its Time To Get Angry: I am angry with myself and with other Jews in the Diaspora for not being angry enough.

Except When Targeting Jews: On the world political stage, there is only one exception and it's the same for each rule. It's called, "Except when you're targeting Jews."

Don't Blame the Press: The press isn't trying to be biased against Israel, they are just trying to save a little money in a difficult economy.

Who Wants to Be an Anti Semite: I was privileged to get a glimpse of the first episode of a new reality TV Show.

The Gift of ADHD: ADHD has taught my daughter that nothing comes without working very hard and that you donít take good friends for granted. It has taught my wife and me that too many educators just don't get it.

The Light At The End of The Week: Shabbat became my life raft, my refuge from a cruel working environment. (written under a psuedonym)

Buy Israel: Here's one very concrete way you can help: It's time for Jews around the world to buy Israeli made products

Walking to Shul With My Dad: I was a three-day a year Jew who stopped by McDonalds on the way to the golf course every Saturday morning. Now I'm being called an observant Jew. What happened?

I'm Switching From Fox News To more news. Gilligan's Island reruns on TV Land, maybe, but news no. I can't take it anymore. The more I watch, the more I upset I get.

Where's Koffi ?: The Head of the UN May be Missing, I am very worried.

WAKE UP and Smell The Anti-Semitism: Virulent anti-Semitic campaigns are underway -- not only in the Middle East, but in Europe and America, too.

Drugs--A Jewish Problem: When a Jewish family needs help with drug abuse, where can they turn?

Daddy on The Unemployment Line: All of my life I have known exactly what I want to do next. Being laid off has left me confused and dazed. (This Article is featured in's book Heaven on Earth.. Click here to buy it now!

The Myth Of Visable Diversity: It's time to start wearing our Jewishness on our sleeve.


Thanks To  HASHEM for giving me the inspiration to write
And to Rabbi Nechemia  Coopersmith at WWW.AISH.COM  For his brilliant editing and for allowing my ideas to be published on AISH


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Truth in the Middle East by israelarab_conflict

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